Hum Dekhen Ge

Hum Dekhen Ge – We Shall See the Day.

(by Ahmad Faiz Ahmad, famously sung by Iqbal Bano in a protest against Faiz’s arrest on politically motivated charges )

It is certain that we shall see,
the day that has been promised,
that has been written of in the Book of Ages:

When the enormous mountains of tyranny
shall blow away like cotton,
Under the feet of the poor and oppressed,
the earth will tremble like thunder
And on the heads of tyrants,
lightning will strike.

We shall see the day.

From the Mosque, the Palace of God
the idols of insincerity will be taken out,
and the faithful who have been cast out as heretics
will be seated on high.
All crowns will be snatched back by the hand of God,
And all thrones will be overturned.

We shall see the day.

Only the Name will survive
Who cannot be seen but is also present
Who is both the seer and the seen;
‘I am the Truth’ – the cry will rise,
which is true for you and I,
and the creation of the Lord will rule
which is true for you and I.

We too shall see it,
It is certain that we too shall see the day,
We shall see the day.